Sudan has witnessed many developments in the last years in different fields such as construction, contracting, agriculture, roads & bridges, and mining. Therefore, it became necessary to find companies which provide the best and the most innovative machines to participate in constructing projects as required.
• Diesel Heavy Equipment Company is the exclusive dealer of JCB Machinery in Sudan. JCB is one of the major manufacturers for heavy machinery in the world.
• Diesel Heavy Equipment Company has been established in 2005, aiming to supply market with best and most modern machines, achieving client’s needs, being the first option of clients for heavy machinery in this field.

Our Mission:

Uniqueness and distinction in introducing heavy machinery and after-sale services with high quality, accurate execution and comprehensive and integrated professional style through qualified human resources.

Our vision:

To become the leader and the first referral for all clients all over Sudan in the field of heavy machinery.

Our Goals:

1. To keep our clients and to make their satisfaction our major concern.
2. To provide best machinery with satisfied price and good guarantees.
3. Flexibility in financing options to help clients in acquiring the machines they need in the easiest ways.
4. To maintain our leadership in heavy equipment field.
To provide After-sale services with high level of quality and quickness
What makes Diesel Heavy Equipment a distinguished Company?
Because human cadre is of high level value to Diesel Equipment Company, so it has more than 300 employees and it always seeks to create distinguished and correlated work climates.

Jamais Content - that's very, very much me. I am never content; I'm always looking for improvement." Mr. JCB.