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DHE Service Support

We pride ourselves for our global reputation on high-quality products, superb DHE service and unrivalled expertise. For us, it’s not just about selling a machine and then walking away. It’s about finding the right product for you, getting to know your busi-ness and helping you to continue to get the best from your machines throughout their lifespan.

  • Covers all aspects of the servicing and maintenance of your JCB Equipment.
    Genuine JCB spare-parts.
    Service Engineers Trained and Examined by JCB.
    Network of Branches and Outlets Covering Excavations sites inside SUDAN.
  • To provide the most experienced, reliable and guaranteed Maintenance services and Parts, for a well maintained machine and to elongate your machine Life.
    Get the maximum Performance and production from your JCB Machines.
    Avoiding as much as possible the Breakdowns of machine, minimizing downtime and business losses.
    • Avoiding in full measure the Breakdowns of the machine, minimising downtime and business losses.
  • Standard warranty one year from the date of delivery-unlimited hours.
    A defective JCB part is replaced with a new JCB Genuine part,
    the warranty with respect to the new JCB part shall not exceed the un-expired portion of the warranty period of the original JCB product.
    This warranty does not extend to failures, defects or damage subsequently attributable to improper adjustment by customer , neglect, misuse, operation beyond rated or recommended capacity, accident, abuse, accidental damage, collision, fire, frost, the use of oils not specified by JCB, or the use of parts or productsother than those specified by JCB for required maintenance, service or repair.

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